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seriously if you don't use a non-OEM open source firmware on your router your a fucking moron

reports are constantly published about new vulnerabilities in oem firmware from various vendors allowing remote access through stupidly simple measures like default hardcoded admin passwords and unlocked backdoors. even worse are cable company provided router/modem combos which by default are backdoored so they can do deep packet inspection and filtering, mitm your https connections, perform analytics, and somewhat usefully, quickly patch [other] security holes that allow 3rd parties other than themselves access.

tons of botnets are constantly scanning every ip on the internet (yes yours) looking for holes like this so you *will* get exploited and you *will* join the botnet unless you either follow the manufacturer closely and update to patched firmware as soon as it is released, or use something much more secure like openwrt.

[this fulfills my serious post quota for the month]

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