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Where are the projectors hitting? Maybe just a small adjustment is necessary...

The lens =(

every time I try to adjust the beam to make them level with the headlight together they pop everything open since the projectors are hitting and scratching the inside of the lens =(

I did finally organize the garage

I also finally changed the coolant on the bike as well. It was surprisingly clean for never changing it in the 3 years I've owned it + however many the previous owner didnt change it for.

Also ordered some more parts for the Miata, intercooler, charge pipe, and 2.5" piping kit, all from ebay. Still need some small odds and ends but the new iat came, as well as the new variable TPS so hopefully well have megasquirt running on the car by the end of the weekend. My fairing bolt kit should arrive sometime early next week along with the rear tire hugger so all thats left is to fix the headlights, rewire the headlights to incorporate the new angel eyes/high beam solenoids and just button everything back together. Mechanically I have done everything to it that I needed to. She starts up and purrs like a kitten.

and for the sake of pictures, here's a picture of the bike as it sits right now.

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