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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Here's another thing you learned today:


When you understand that simple concept, you will make it in life. You just might. The sad thing is that I don't expect that you're going to see it, until something really happens to you.

A little heavy but you have a point. Why lie, right? It is the internet, not like he lied to get your hard earned money or orphan food - just some e-penis or whataver. I'm not angry at him for instance, it was just funny; you went CSI on his ass and busted his ... He learned (hopefully) that people don't really care what the fuck you drive as much as the type of person you are.

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How bout a new title then? 'I lie about owning my dream car on the internet'

'I don't really own a toureg'


its 5am I cant think.

It's genmay, this is probably obligatory just because this thread will be vaulted!

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Yep...I got owned.

Here's my honest answer to all this:

I had a shitty week. Girl trouble, grades trouble...etc... I just needed to boost my confidence.

Well congradulations for at least having the brains to see the best way out of this What car you have it irrelevant, but because you were a deuche in the past and tried to act like you're better than such and such, that's why it look real bad on your part.

Not that you could now, but don't be a dick anymore. Just stop lying and I guess you can post here all the same.. don't talk shit about all the 20 year old mazdas - see, that's what the bad part is. The fact that you apoligized is nice. Everyone does what makes them happy - we have our community here, and for the most part share the understanding that no matter what you have, you are driven by the same enthusiasm for motorized stuff. Then someone like you comes along that really doesn't, but would rather act like they do. It's usually easy to tell cause you guys don't have it in you to be decent all the time.
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