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A little intellectually dishonest there. Do you mean to say that there are no dems/liberals/welfare monkeys in red states? That only republicans populate red states, and therefore all the money that goes to a red state, NONE of it is spent on/for "blue" citizens (and illegals) ?

My first (and foremost) thought to that Bullshit as well.

In Texas, we are completely, totally, red state. We also have more liberal spics and niggra's than just about anywhere else. What, are they voting republican? These "stats" are a side product not taking into account other major facts from states. Therefore, this is no proof, it is no valid argument. The number of people who don't vote is astounding - the fact that republicans or liberals are more passionate and form up groups to emphasize their side to vote, doesn't equate to anything.

And no, the New York Times are NOT a valid source You can't be serious?
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