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This is all in theory but I'm pretty sure a lot of healthy people aren't on health insurance because they feel they don't need it. Being mandated to be on insurance increases the amount of money coming to those who insure. More money means the insurers need less money to pay for the sick. Thus they don't have to raise premiums to cover their expenses and since they will be making more profit as a direct result, they can lower premiums to get more clients due to competetive pricing.

Healthy would be not having to go to the doctor for anything.

I would bet my savings that you are completely, utterly, wrong. People that are UNhealthy are the ones who assume they don't need insurance. Hence, why they are there. It's stupid. Utterly stupid. Healthy people are the ones who have their annual check-ups from doctors, dentists, etc.. etc.. Including girls going to a gyno or some shit. It's the fat ass unhealthy fucks who don't ever go until they fall over.

Forcing health insurance isn't going to get the fat niggras and retarded hicks anymore likely to go to the doctor on a regular basis to improve their chances in life. They won't, in fact. I can call it already on the emphasis of how fucking retarded this country is.

So how in fact will this help the country? Sure, it makes them pay for something they don't use - and that's fine. But I guaran-fucking-tee my insurance rates aren't going down in spite of it. Furthermore, it won't help our countries image, it won't bring our average age of death up, and it won't make anyone more likely to get their fat ass up. This is a failure on many many assumptions.
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