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guess what? most girls dont post in this forum on a frequent basis because you guys defer to the opinions of fucking retarded women. and i do mean RETARDED. of all the girls who post here, i think that sweetie (perhaps) and lilms post the most intelligent things. honestly, why would you want the opinion of an idiot on these relationship issues? ugh.

If you are evaluating the situation in this manner then don't just hold the girls accountable. There are many more guys that post equally retarded things.

Also, sometimes the comments that you perceive as idiotic may not be idiotic at all; they may just be concerning something you don't agree with. I don't feel any of the girls should leave, and I don't feel that all of the girls consistently are idiotic. Sure, their perceptions may seem skewed at times, but it doesn't mean that this skewed perception is less credible, or that you shouldn't take it into account when asking about a relationship situation or whatever.

PS: If your response is going to be giving me examples of times when girls have said something idiotic, don't bother responding. The point is: Don't just pinpoint this all on the girls, or call them out on this when it's obvious that there are many more guys that post idiotically.
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