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Aside from 'few limited' being a tautology... yes, there are very few around. Most of the ones that are around are fucking freaks. Nothing personal, but normal women do not hang around on vast majority male forums and put up with the kind of shit they get here, nor lust after the attention.

This is not a matriarchal society, we do not need to respect womens opinions for the sole reason they are women. This is not to say that there are not plenty of women who have valid inputs. It is however to say that just because someone is female does not mean they are automatically worth anything more or less than a male.

If we are to look at this from a societal point of view, then yes, you are correct. However, since the situation we are speaking of is females in a majority-male forum, I do think that having females around is a benefit, and thus there is a certain respect that I would give to them. I am not saying every input they give is better than any male input, but generally the viewpoints are different, and different in this situation is better. You seem to have perceived my post as feministic and that I feel that every female post is godworthy, but that is not what I'm implying at all.

The fact that you think these females are freaks is insignificant. The need for female viewpoints is beneficial to this community.
Every positive value has its weight in negative terms.

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