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I know getting a new bike is a terrible idea, but my credit was destroyed because I went to jail and had a bunch of bills pile up and go to collections. Ive gotten everything cleared up, and my work ethic with my dads company has gotten my dad to take notice and his willing to cosign... so I figure I can have flash and a boost to my credit via financing. I work for a metal/plastic fab shop, so repairs are going to be diy :P. I was looking at this or a sv650, but new the prices for this were actually cheaper where I live if I remember correctly, not by much... but a little. I also like the styling a little bit better. My biggest concern is the powerband and likewise the learning curve of the bike. A harley is what I want to end up on someday, but Id like to start on something lighter than a cruiser, and Ive always liked naked bikes as well. So... I guess the basic question would be, is this comparable to the SV650 or another class? Im not sure how the different motor configurations effect the bikes powerband. When you guys talk about 600+ sport bikes being more intense, I assumed you were talking about I4 bikes, or am I wrong on that? Anyways, thank you guys for your positive feedback. I love this thread :P
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