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I actually started on an '87 EX-500, then moved to the 650R, and now the R6. Correct on all other accounts, it was a sweet bike for what it was. If you want something with a bit more aftermarket though, go for the Suzuki SV650.

For a big guy like yourself, I'd say the 650R is a good starting point. Anything more is gonna be too much bike for a new rider. Listen to p0d though, start on something used. Resist the urge to jump to a big bike, too. I rode the wheels off that 650 for almost two years/30,000 miles before I stepped up to the R6. I learned a LOT on that Kawi.

I just wanted to point out, that Id happily ride like a v-star 250 if I thought it would get my fat ass up to highway speed without blowing the motor. Id ride a 150.... hell I rode my sisters 49cc moped around town yesterday just because I dont have my license yet and I was bored as hell and I love two wheels :P.

Should I feel like a tool going into a dealer and sitting on bikes just to get a feel for the size even though I dont have my license? Im definately willing to go smaller motor size.... I just want to be able to see over my knees.
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