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The problem with all the studies presented as arguments for the legalization of marijuana is that they are biased. This bias is also present in studies presented for the ban of marijuana. Someone brought up Jamaica, but places like that including Amsterdam cannot be compared to America. What in the world does Jamaica have besides Reggae music, a decent beer, and weed? Not to mention its smaller size.

Here is my problem with legalizing weed. Imagine a thirty year old mother sitting down watching soap operas in the middle of the afternoon smoking a blunt. She gets high and completely forgets about her children. Best case scenario, the children stay put and are safe. Worst case scenario, they explore outside the house and get lost, maybe killed. Imagine productivity rates at work if people decided to take smoke breaks to get high. Yes, America is a free country and in theory marijuana should be legal, but in order to maintain our way of life it is more beneficial for it to stay illegal. I believe someone else said it earlier, but if you have a stick up your butt because marijuana isnít legal, either move to where it is legal or accept the fact it is illegal.
The same arguments can be made about alcohol. But everyone doesn't go out and get plastered on their lunch break, and moms don't sit down with a bottle of wine in front of their soaps. You're describing personal responsibility issues. If someone is irresponsible the legalization of marijuana will not make them any less responsible. Likewise, if someone is responsible they will not become intoxicated when it isn't appropriate. In a free society and country the government should not be enforcing personal responsibility.

Or, if you feel the government should be enforcing personal responsiblity it should be illegal to be late to work, to do anything but work while at work, to not play with your children a mandated amount of time per day, to leave your children alone for a mandated amount of time and to allow your children to get poor grades (minimum GPA would be mandated). Likewise children would have to be put in juveline delinquent homes if they go to play before finishing their homework, get poor grades or fail to follow the instructions of their teachers.

The government enforcing personal responsibilities is a rediculous proposition, so let's not use any more of those arguments, ok?
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