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High Speed, Low Drag
Step Six:
Cleaning: Clean the slide and frame with a soft bristled plastic brush. (A toothbrush works great.)

Step Seven:
Cleaning the Barrel. Run a wire brush from the breech side all the way through. Repeat several times. Follow with a clean patch soaked in Hoppes No. 9 or equivalent solvent. Follow with a dry patch. Repeat all steps until dry patch comes out clean.

Step Eight:
Cleaning the Magazine. This is an important step overlooked by many gun owners. The magazine is as much a part of your weapon as the barrel. Take good care of it, and you will reduce or eliminate feeding issues.

Step Nine:
Lubrication. A little goes a long way. Seriously. Lube the points as suggested by your manufacturer, with a drop of gun oil. I place a drop on all the pieces showing wear (12000 plus rounds). It has kept this gun running in flawless fashion since.

Step Ten:
Reassembly. Reverse the takedown and field strip procedures.

That's it!

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