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Valve seals gonna be valve seals on something that old. I'd still rock it. Wish we had something like that in my town. When I was in college the street racing scene here was incredible. We had weekly meets and always did test & tune nights at the dragstrip. Now it's just dead. We have one charity car show I go to each year, and then there's just a muscle car group that sits in lawn chairs in a parking lot every Friday night. I miss the car scene.

Cars and coffee is just the same as the lawn chair group. I'm becoming disillusioned with the whole "car meet" ethos.

I build my cars to drive, not to show.

That's why I drove them to the national Z convention this year.

Here's the top of turn 1 at the Circuit of the Americas, from my 240Z:

Here's the 300ZX on the start/finish straight:

This was taken in turn 16, after we'd had some "spirited" lapping. See if you can spot my hoopties!
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