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The network forums were always meant not to be a replacement for, but a supplement to Gen[M]ay. Places for members to turn to and talk to people they knew in a more civilized way. When they were added, we tried to make it as seamless as possible for members to navigate back and forth, the thought being that you could start your day at Gen[M]ay, and with one click see what is happening over with music, or with TV, or with celebrities, etc.

From what I can gather through reading people's comments, communicating with both Charles and Sanjay, and asking people directly, it appears to still be too cumbersome to go between them due to the catigorization of the network forums. While the layout on Love That Sound works for the person who is completely interested in music, it is too time consuming to navigate for the average person from Gen[M]ay for which music is just another interest of many, to be juggled with the main forum, CompuGlobal, etc.

That's why I'm actively working on phase-II of the network forums. In addition to having posts/threads/last post information show up on the forum index (right now it's just dashes), I'm also working on the ability to have collapsed subforums *on Genmay* which displayed all of the catigorized content from any one network forum. So in the "Real-Time Subforums" section, you would see a "Music" subforum. Inside would be *all* of the threads from Love That Sound, prefixed with an image showing which section (Dance, World, Rock, Indie, etc) it was posted in.

This solution gives people with a particular specialty the ability to hang out in their own neat, catigorized forum, while giving Gen[M]ay an easy to navigate, seamless collection of all music content all in one place. Or all movies and TV content all in one place. Or all celebrities, all sex/health/wellness, technology/computers/electronics, etc.

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