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I also have a greyhound.

They're pretty good apartment dogs. Pretty low energy, quiet, don't get bored as easily as many breeds. I had mine in grad school, lots of 12+ hour days and he was fine with a walk at lunch.

Mine is lazy as fuck, can barely get him to jog a half mile. Others are higher energy, sounds like you'd want one of them.

I read it's not good to keep greyhounds outside, but in the chance I'll be gone a while during the day and no one is at home, is it safe to let it be in the backyard? It's fenced w/ at least a 6ft+ fence. Could it chill in the backyard for like 8-10 hours on average? SF the temp is a constant 50-75 degrees average year round.
I doubt he'd really suffer, but the greyhound people don't recommend it. That's a long time to leave him outside alone. Mine loves anything from 40-80, hotter than that and he barely wants to go outside. Most of them don't like to jump too much, not really escape artists.

BTW, our landlord, who sometimes lives in the garage/in-law unit, also has a dog that she lets roam around in the yard when she's there. It's a bull mastiff I think. would the two dogs mix? would the beastly bull mastiff eat up a skinny greyhound?
Greyhounds, having grown up around a bunch of other dogs, are pretty good about the "dog rules." Mine gets along with basically every dog that's even vaguely sociable. He's played with mastiffs and other huge dogs before no problem.

Greys are kind of weird in general though. Very hit or miss, people that are looking for the usual big dumb super enthusiastic golden retriever type probably wouldn't like them. I love 'em though, and I've had other dogs.
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