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Originally Posted by arthur pendragon
This is complete and utter . The black market wouldn’t be affected at all. All that would happen is that the people now selling pot would shift to selling other items. They don’t sell pot because it’s illegal; they sell it because it is a relatively easy way to make money. Here’s some shocking news for you, there is a very health black market for good’s that are perfectly legal. Legalizing pot would have no impact on crime, it wouldn’t go down and probably wouldn’t go up, unless you count the number of DUI’s handed out for idiots driving under its influence. This is what the Netherlands discovered when they legalized pot. What the Netherlands reported was a temporary spike in usage which slowly decreased and then leveled off when the novelty of legalization wore off.
You're right, those marijuana dealers would move on to selling other illegal items to make black market profits.

However, the black market will still lose billions of dollars of income. If marijuana is legalized, demand for other illegal items stays the same, thus the former marijuana dealers will begin competing with sellers of other black market goods for a share of the same profit.

And legalizing marijuana would decrease crime significantly. Millions of marijuana users, who are going to smoke regardless of legality, are now no longer considered a legal priority, because they engage in an activity which doesn't hurt others. In addition, all the theft comitted by marijuana users to get drug money would be eliminated, as well as the violence that accompanies the marijuana trade.
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