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For a shitty gun......

If anyone has any real questions I can answer them. I have been playing competitevly locally for 4 years now and at AM status for the past year. I can deal with most matrices, timmys, angels or blowbacks.

If anyone has any questions about tournament paintball feel free to ask me.

If anyone has any questions about equipment feel free to ask. I dont have a full sponsorship yet from a specific company so all opinions are unbiased. The only sponsorships i have are through fields so if you are looking for a field in MN you are going to be directed to Northside Sports.

I can answer most anything about paintball.

Aim: diearzte2

Edit: oh and actual injury statistics...
SPORT Yearly injuries per 1000 Participants

Water Skiing 260.84
Lacrosse 223.79
Wrestling 36.46
Rugby 31.21
Football 30.17
Baseball 28.42
Hockey 21.92
Basketball 19.76
Soccer 12.59
Boxing 11.34
Bicycle Riding 11.71
Gymnastics 10.49
Volleyball 4.03
Ice Skating 3.83
Snowmobiling 3.52
Snow Skiing 2.99
Racquetball 2.77
Tennis 2.77
Handball 1.92
Fishing 1.43
Swimming 1.34
Golf 1.22
Archery 0.85
Boating 0.75
Bowling 0.47
Paintball 0.24

And paintball is now more popular then snowboarding, i think the source was Maxim

Wow, water skiing? Didnt see that comming.
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