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How Russia won the space race

Old Soviet rocket designs were 20-30 years ahead of US:

hr long video:

In general the soviets won the early stages: First satellite, first man in space, first woman, first photos of back side of the moon... right into the present too, never mind the moon landing. The Shuttle was a mediocre hunk of junk. Russians built one to study it, because they couldn't understand the motivation behind it's inherently flawed asymmetrical design:

....and scrapped the concept realizing it's inferiority. Eventually so did the US - up until last year we were buying Russian rockets....

Anyway for a while we did the smart thing and cooperated - first joint project in 1975:

Sadly politicians can't keep their egos in check so thanks to Mr Sanctions we get this now:

TW: unpatriotic, commie, lollergay
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