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it was the same for the DPRK's economy and development vis-a-vis the south until the 1980s.
prior to the 1980s, the north was far ahead of south korea's third-world/sweatshop level of development, which is why the north used to boast about the south being a massive sweatshop hellhole for multinationals, and how life was so miserable in the south, compared to the rather developed and, at the time, comfortable life in the north.

to be truthful, yes, life was rather miserable for a lot of people in south korea before the 1980s.
my family is a direct testament to this fact, as the horror stories i've heard about living in destitute poverty with the struggles of having to work in sweatshops and coal-mines during the early stages of the south's capitalist development have been practically woven into my own historical consciousness.

it seemed like prior to 1980s, the DPRK really was a "paradise" compared to the impoverished south.

this is why i partially can't deal well with this nouveau-riche bourgeois "gangnam style" bs south korea has turned into today.
what a kind of mind-boggling amnesia that the south has to its own recent history....
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