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To deplore a certain behavior and then engage in it is pathetic and unintelligent. When you talk to a racist gay you get that feeling - shouldn't you be more tolerant because you're a minority yourself? The truth is all people have the capacity to be hateful. South Koreans are incredibly racist towards NK refugees. Mexicans are racist among themselves based on part of Mexico and darkness of skin. Sadly some women engage in sexism as a way to fight a perceived system of disadvantaging them. Mostly it's generic angst that goes away with age.

Feminists of today are 16 year olds who haven't had a chance to see the world; the ones who carry on with it into their 30s or beyond are often disgruntled fatties who also participate in other "movements" like Health At Every Size and similar nonsense, to fill the void of loneliness and rejection.

It's much easier to blame society than yourself when you don't fit in, or you don't make much money. Not all that different from the columbine kids or the Isla Vista shooter, except they confine their ranting and raving to Tumblr, without killing anyone (although they do talk about it)

Here's a sample of their "logic"

You can apply this to anything - not all republicans are retarded? Well, they are like M&Ms. Some are poisoned therefore you can't have any All women are gold digging bitches. Why? Because M&Ms. Some are poisoned.

But wait, "NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE THIS WAY" Oh hang on that sounds a lot like "NOT ALL MEN"

So what IS feminism of today? Well, this is what it is - like a bunch of guys sitting around complaining about women, but in reverse. There is not one definition, and there's a reason why many people perceive it as nonsense. The most reasonable feminists essentially argue for egalitarianism, in very normal everyday language without accusing men of being inherently evil, but there's no reason to give that a special name like "feminism". We can all agree on equality, without a heaping side of man-hate and self-pity.

falls under special snowflake training and refusing to assimilate in my book. if you have a daughter dont call her princess until shes 25 fuckin years old
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