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Roy L Lennigan of the DEA
Originally Posted by Ryuuko
If it was legalized what will all the Drug Cartels do for a living?
Where and who will sell/grow it?
Can we start a Franchise and call it " Jiffy Fix" ..get loaded in under 10 minutes or your next Bong hit will be Free."

Seriously...Society can't even handle Legal Alcohol...we do not need another section of Society Stoned.

you make it seem like as soon as marijuana is legal, everyone will start smoking all the time. fact of the matter is, a good percentage of people smoke marijuana regularly now, and the numbers wouldnt change much in the long run if it were legalized; most people have personal morals they stick by and the majority of society would not be affected whatsoever by legalization. its not like people will suddenly start getting stoned in the street or act like they can do anything. maybe a few will, but they'll go to jail for good reason.

i bet you anything if they legalized marijuana they'd control it just like alcohol; i.e. you cant smoke and drive, can't smoke in public, they'd probably set the legal age to 21 as well. most likely the taboo that goes with pot will prevent it from being legally smoked anywhere but the privacy of your own home. which, ironically, is exactly what its like now. so there's no reason why we shouldn't go ahead and change this law that does absolutely no good.
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