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So I'm looking for a new pocket tool...

What I have now:

Gerber MultiPlier 600 Pro Scout. Nice tool, I've had it for about15 years or so. I love the ability to flick my wrist to pop out the pliers, so much so I switched from my previous Leatherman to this.

15 years is a long time, and it's breaking regularly on me now. The knife blade has snapped, the flat screwdriver blade has snapped, the fine flat blade has broken too. I think it's time to retire the old boy.

So I've heard that the latest Gerber tools, according to people I know and amazon reviews, aren't nearly as good, poorly constructed and easily broken. I'm also hearing/reading that the Leatherman products are excellent, still.

I like the new products put some of the blades on the outside, so they can be used without totally opening the tool. Scissors are a must as well, the Gerber ones have always been the best. I like the fact that Leatherman has micro-screwdrivers and accessory bits that go with the tool.

I dislike the butterfly opening need of the Leatherman; I've never liked the saw on the Gerber. I loved the saw on my old Leatherman, but I snapped it off really well on a small sapling one day.

One Leatherman I'm considering is the Wingman:

I like the size and simplicity. I love the sturdy scissors, and the fact they're on the outside with the knife.

We sell the Wave at Lowe's, with the concomitant 10% employee discount:

I like the multiplicity of tools, the essential blades on the outside, and the multi-bit tool setup, as well as the microdrivers. I don't like the scissors, I do use them a fair bit, and need them to be sharp and tough.

I am listening, all. I appreciate the feedback.
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