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I bought a wii then bought Zelda. Played Zelda and a few other games, and sold the wii after I realized I don't like playing games that require me to work physically.
Yeah they really need games that don't use any of the motion features. The only two games I ever bought for the Wii were Guitar Hero (got addicted because my roommate played it constantly) and New Super Mario Bros. They managed to fuck up classic Super Mario by adding a jump feature that requires flicking the controller up... if I wanted to do that type of crap I'd just play Wii Sports

Even Guitar Hero was a pain in the ass because you had to put the Wii remote into the guitar every time you wanted to play, but if you put it in before getting to the game it was a bitch to navigate the menus. I think they eventually made guitars that didn't require the Wii remote but I refuse to buy any multi-platform games for the Wii now
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