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Nobody will ever change if they don't want to themselves, period. /thread


My parents were overbearing who knows if that had anything to do with how I live my life. At work, anywhere where I should show responsibility people think I'm much more mature than my age, but when it comes to drinking it's blackout or nothing. I party, lost friends family whatever, but I am happy. Not gonna change anytime soon it's not my time.

I've been doing this for 5 years, and yea had a few regrets along the way, but never screwed myself over. I show interest in someone then totally bail when something better comes along all the time. Some people just look out for number 1 once in a while. When ya grow up doing nothing but trying to make your parents or friends happy sometimes ya gotta cut loose and fuckin party. She's young most people get it outta their system pretty quick no big deal.

also agreed with claffix
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