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She over drinks because she probably doesn't know her limits, which comes from being underage. Its a phase, she'll get over it. If she was much older and still doing this, then I'd think she has a problem. I don't think she has a serious problem yet, and you're overreacting about the drinking. Thats what it seems like at least.

That being said, she probably doesn't want to date you. She has an excuse by being drunk to allegedly fool around with other guys.You don't need to be treated like that, I would not stay with her if I were you unless there was serious emotional involvement. Furthermore, her problems are not your problems. You were not put on this earth to fix anyone. You're 18, let her deal with her own shit and when shes realized what she lost and comes back, be her friend but don't take her back. You are not a doormat, you shouldn't be walked over like that regardless of the circumstances.
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