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A semi auto shot gun makes just as load of a noise when cycling action as a pump.

A pump can actually be shot, cycled re aimed and shot again quicker than a semi auto. My point being...
You go limp in weak arm for a brief moment and let the rise of the weapon force your arm back while gripping the forearm then when you return forearm to the extended position you allow the shot gun to fall and realign sight even before the round is completely chambered

Also, I do not leave a round chambered as I have trained to announce In a break in,

If you value your life you will leave this house.

If they fail to leave in less than 3 seconds I'm cycling and killing them

I do not want to kill someone unless I absolutely have to and in a hd situation you do not want to fire unless absolutely prepared to kill. Having a round chambered leaves a little to easy to blow someone's brains out with out fully thinking through the consequences, such as a child entering the house after curfew.

Also if you are not counting rounds as you fire you are a complete and utter idiot. Try not counting rounds with a 10 round 22lr pistol with no last round hold while going through 100 rounds at the range. Go ahead and hit that firing pin into the barrel 20 times or so. Your going to be replacing a firing pin.

99% of your whining issues you brought up can be solved with training. And if your not dry firing at least once a week and live fire training once a month with at least 50 rounds you have no fucking business claiming you're going to use a weapon in self defense.
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