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If it seemed like I was questioning your or his integrity, it wasn't at all intended as such. My PS3 since purchased years ago has been under utilized so I'm not in the market at all.

In a general sense it just seems uncommon for a guy to spend a few bills on something that never comes out of the box and then turn around and sell it at a considerable loss without even trying it. Not an allegation, just an idle observation.

No offense taken ofc, yes it is strange. He buys a lot of shit he doesn't need. His loss, your gain kinda thing really. I'd do it except I don't really need a ps4 as much as I need a new vid card for my main rig and new cpu/mobo for htpc. (the built in apps for the tv kinda suck ass so I want to go back to a dedicated HT box, and my old one is well, old)
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i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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