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It's an absolute DREAM to drive. Every element of "Wow, so this is how a BMW is better than the other shitboxen I've always driven" that I experienced when I first got the Cockster is... Even better in this car.

I do not know what this aftermarket exhaust is exactly, but I see no reason to change it. It is shouty and loud when I romp on it, it doesnt' done on the freeway...

The intake and exhaust noises.. H.o.l.y.F.U.C.K...!!! Orgasmic.

here's the text from the CL ad...

1. Reinforced sub frame= around 4k
2. Varstoen wheels on low pro tires
3. German CSL brake package only comes on german cars
4. Vogtland progressive rate drop springs
5. Aero exaust with anodized tips
6. Carbonio carbon fiber intake
7. Custom front bumper two holes go to brake ducts for added brake cooling
8. Custom Colby steering wheel
9. M3 short shifter
10. German fold up side mirrors. They only came on german models. Linked to key fob. Tap it twice mirrors fold Up and convertible top closes with windows. Dealer can program different settings for the key fob for about 200$ if u don't want to it set to the top an windows.
11. German flag colored badging and others I'm probsbly forgetting off the top of my head like dinavin 2 upgrade player navi system. Seat heaters. Tinted windows new passenger side window motor was also done recently. Glass rear window on the top, so no problems with the typical plastic. Pretty much every upgrade has been done to this car.
The wheels rub going over bumps... I think that's gonna drive me fucking batty, not to mention potential tire failure? dunno... I'll prob be trading them away. I love the design, just wish they werent' so monstrously huge. The top squeaks a bit when extending/popping it back... What else... Traction control is obnoxious, and kicks on at completely inappropriate times. It's almost like it's not even waiting for any actual loss of traction, it jumps in ahead of time, and it comes down HARD.

The M Roadster went back to the dude I bought it from, he'll be plucking parts off of it for his own M Roadster, returning mine to stock then selling it... He fronted the price difference which I'll be paying off. Much less "aggressive" of a payment plan. Will be easy for me to pay off, and I will still have money to flush on mods/repairs.
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