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Does it have the stock radio?

There's a BMW part that adds an aux in port to the stock one. It costs about $35 at the dealer, and my local dealer actually just stocks it. Installation is pretty easy - it just plugs into the back of the stock head unit, and then you drill a little hole to mount the other end wherever you want it. I put mine in the glove box.

I think you can reprogram the key yourself. I bought an extra key when I bought my car, and the only thing you really need the dealer for is to sell you a key with the right chip for the immobilizer. The dealer did it for me when I went to pick up the extra key, but there's a procedure where you cycle the ignition switch on and off a few times with the old key, and then hit buttons on the new one, or something.

Yeah i know exactly the part youre talking about. I will check it out today.

The key still operates the locks, but apparently it was also supposed to drop the top, flip the mirrors, roll the windows up and down. P/o couldn't get it to work when he tried. He said it costs a couple hundred to have stealership do it.

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