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Originally Posted by Allnighte

it just seems lame to have hard and fast rules. i'm actually proposing that you use your own judgement more when it comes to what should be allowed in the BC. questions like:
"what is the purpose of the thread? what type of responses are likely to follow?"
"is the thread about something that is best answered in the BC?"
"can the poster benefit from responses in such a way that the thread will become successful? hopefully in a timely manner?"

vinnie's thread fails the first one, and partly the third. vinnie isn't even asking a question. so he's venting? well this isnt blogmay. at least publiuspost is looking for input.

are the questions i posted the only criteria? no, of course not, because almost any question can get good responses in the BC versus the general forum. but not everything belongs in the BC.

i'm hoping you'll at least take me somewhat seriously. I LOVE YOU SARAH and of course you know id never flame you or put you down
Dude, shut up
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