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Turn it about 45 degrees upward so that the bottom "circle" on the lever is at the top of the sight.

Pull/swing the gas tube up from the back forward, be careful that the piston does not fly out! (Yay it's off now)

Now, flip over the rifle, and make use of the tools to remove the trigger. Push with the punch, on the small button behind the trigger guard, It takes a bit of a push, the trigger will pop out, and you can just pull it right on out.

Remove the magazine, it just pops right out.

Hooray, almost there

Now, turn the rifle over, it's time to remove the stock

Pivot the barrel downward (pivot point is the front end of the stock), Mine is a bitch, and is very snug, it takes a little wrestling/elbow grease to get it out, also I remove the cleaning rod and pull the bayonet out before pivoting the barrel.

Now it's all (not entirely) disassembled.

Put it back together in reverse order, and enjoy

Dude, is that thing caked with cosmoline or are the pics deceiving? If it does in fact have all that cosmoline on the bolt carrier and bolt you might want to get rid of that before you have a ridiculous slam fire.

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