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sounds similar hah. Anyway you need to stop caring about her life. Quick tip, pick up hobbies to spend your spare time with ect. go TO VERY VERY big lengths to ignoring her.

This is what i did, because i'm almost positive you two probably used the L word at least once or twice right.

Next time you are talking to her, ask this question. do you love him (and don't get emotional about it). Say it seriously, we all know she doesn't, but that's not the point. The point is she's moved on (or hasn't) and her reaction will prove that.

When she doesn't want to respond it will be all the response you need to move the fuck on and snap into realizing that you in fact don't give a fuck about her emotional and that you should have never given a fuck what so ever.

Some people might not agree with that question, but it's a sure fire way to reach a reaction in which won't draw things out further.
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