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There is something going on here that you might not be admitting. If you were over her, and didn't care and wanted to just end it and kill the connections you would have no problem telling her you don't want to talk. You don't need to give her a reasons, just tell her you have some.

It sounds to me like you're in a way keeping her on "hold" so maybe if she changes you can get a foot in the door. Or you like having her around to do those relationship type things even tho you're not in one.

If you were seriously done with her you could have cut the cord. And don't act like "she doesn't let" you not talk to her. You can block phone numbers, and e-mails, and IM contacts. If she makes new e-mails you can blockthem too. The Ball IS in your court, something is preventing you from doing it. You aren't going to hurt her feelings, you don't owe her anything, and if she doesn't understand this, than its her ignorance and lack of reason hurting her feelings, not your actions to regain independence.
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