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Nothing but broken promises.

The man had nearly 2 years to do anything he wanted. He was a liberal president with the most liberal congress EVAR!
Where do you get this nonsense? If it was the most liberal congress ever, they would have raised taxes, passed universal single payer and given us a much larger and longer lasting stimulus.

There is nothing "most liberal" about the democrats in power.

But no Obama is so confused and has no idea what he is doing he had to bribe liberal congress members to vote for his healthcare bill.
Because the "most liberal congress ever" passed a health care bill that wasn't liberal enough considering it was written by the heritage foundation and implemented by the
"conservative" running against obama.

He had so much power he could have gotten a law through that said everyone had to wear pink on every third Thursday.
Republicans had bigger majorities from 1995-2007. A two seat majority is not all the power on earth.

But unemployment keeps going up and up in the whole country (minus a few states with republican govs).

You mean the ones who belly ached about how awful the stimulus was before it passed then sued the feds to get more stimulus money once it passed?

Or the ones who ignore the facts and say everything is great even though their state came in dead last in job creation?
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