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Ok, I played a bit last night, and I'm about to rock it all night now. Just some tidbits:

1.) According to shouts, G.C. quest is not back
2.) My clan has dissolved, so myself and SkullCrushar are ready for [M] clan as soon as theLiberator gets on
3.) I have another friend who wants to join the [M] clan, he is going to make a dwarf (he has a lvl 18 human knight he was going to go Gladitor with, but he wants to go for dwarf) and he's going to be an Artisan. Only thing is that he works a LOT, so he'll only be able to play Monday, Tuesday, and real late every other day.
4.) There are still some Chinese When I was in SODA, they didn't KS, but just them being there annoyed me.
5.) Myself and Skullcrushar each have 75k ready for the clan

And now I'm off to plizzay.

grrrrrr my game was shipped today 2nd day

i wish i could play right now i'm so bored
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