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Your body will never stop burning fat for energy entirely (it can't, your brain would stop functioning), but under starvation conditions your body will significantly catabolize muscle and organ issue. Nobody would starve to death while still having a significant amount of body fat reserves, at least through any mechanism I know about.

Might still look fat though, but that would just be because the majority of their muscle would be gone + stomach bloating.


I just think it's kind of ....well, counteractive to start talking about catabolism in general, when most people talking about such things need really not even think about it. Not that I'm majoring in human experiments, but that word gets thrown around pretty often when it comes to anything relating to someone losing weight or hitting the gym.

It's like some people think eating is really fucking difficult, or gaining weight or muscle. It isn't. Perhaps it's hard in the sense that you actually have to do shit, but it's not rocket science. Unless you're trying to be Vendetta, then I guess it would matter.
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