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Well, you are cherry picking your comparisons here. Particularly in low income urban neighborhoods, fruit/vegetables are hard to come by. When they are found, they are not as cheap as you assume. Furthermore, while some brands of chips cost 4.50, most do not. You would expect to find a bag of baby carrots to be about 3.50, while a no-name chip bag will cost $1. Or, as mentioned, you could buy ramen noodles for 20 cents.

It's funny you mention farmers markets--you think those things are everywhere? In high needs areas? They arent. In fact, one of the big outreach initiatives going on in NYC is to expand healthy farmers markets into high need areas and provide additional benefits for those that shop there. Where do you think people will grow their own food, in their living rooms?

While the regressive tax might have a positive impact on the health disparities between socioeconomic groups, it's not the only answer (in my opinion). There are plenty of overweight/obese people who do not live in poverty. They won't be affected by a tax.

There are plenty of fat, broke, worthless natives in my hometown running around with EBT cards buying from convenience stores and Costco such as Doritos, slim jims, twinkies, and a shit load of candy.

The irony is that people like me who would qualify for it instead work our butts off and pay for our own meals. I have yet to apply for EBT benefits even though I know I could. 8.25 an hour at 30 hours a week isn't exactly plush living, especially when you factor in rent and utilities (which I split with a roommate).
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