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at 20 years old I was 6'2" and weighed 155 lbs. From early childhood attempts were made to allow me to gain weight. I ate at least twice what anyone in my family besides my 300 lb step father ate. Using various weight gain products. I was more active than most of my peers besides jocks.

It took being in the military and doing ridiculous amounts of exerciser each day and unlimited amounts of food and I went up to 170 with fat and some muscle gain in my legs after 4 years in the military.

At 30 I spent four years eating about 50k a week or more and gained about 4 pounds a year.
Did not gain any real weight till I hit 40 and hurt my back. Then sitting in front of a computer playing games and sitting down all day at work and not reducing my caloric intake to reasonable levels I started putting on large amounts of fat and by 50 had gone up to 245 which I have now reduced to 226 in the last few months. and I still eat several thousand cals a day.

So a combination of injury and metabolism change after age 35 allowed weight gain.
How the fuck do you eat nearly 7k calories a day, for years.
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