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There are plenty of fat, broke, worthless natives in my hometown running around with EBT cards buying from convenience stores and Costco such as Doritos, slim jims, twinkies, and a shit load of candy.

The irony is that people like me who would qualify for it instead work our butts off and pay for our own meals. I have yet to apply for EBT benefits even though I know I could. 8.25 an hour at 30 hours a week isn't exactly plush living, especially when you factor in rent and utilities (which I split with a roommate).

What do you want me to say? Life isn't fair. However, people you see are not necessarily representative of the entire population of those on supplemental assistance. Further still, I've already said a number of localities are experimenting with new assistance restriction programs--testing impacts on consumption, specific biomarkers, etc.
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