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What do you want me to say? Life isn't fair. However, people you see are not necessarily representative of the entire population of those on supplemental assistance. Further still, I've already said a number of localities are experimenting with new assistance restriction programs--testing impacts on consumption, specific biomarkers, etc.

Of course i'm not saying that. I'm saying that restrictions aren't heavy enough for people who use those programs, and even if there were better alternatives available to those using EBT or other similar programs, a shit ton of people would still abuse the system and buy that isn't good for them. So yes, it's good that other areas are experimenting with new ways to handle these benefits. I'd still like to see a large scale reform on eligibility to weed out the freeloaders and those who would simply abuse the whole deal.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've let someone make a transaction for junk food using EBT, and then the person pulls out a wad of cash and buys a pack of smokes and a six pack. It's digusting.
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