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I guess I should explain for people that are unaware of the game, it isn't very popular. You're a survivor in Chenarus in an online multiplayer game. There are no kill to death ratios, no rules, and the game has a learning curve like a cliff. There are no NPC's other than zombies. Your character is very mortal. There isn't a health bar, but there are indicators. You can get sick from drinking pond water, have to be aware of your blood type, basically you'll die eleven million times before you can even figure out what is going on. The game is also glitchy as hell, it's currently version 0.62. The map is huge, and takes a couple hours to run across. At military bases and police stations, you can find guns, but you also have to track down magazines and keep them loaded individually. You can also find different parts and accessories, and set your rifle up how you want.

So my friends and I have progressed from just surviving and getting our shit together and making a camp, to being self-sustained with gardening, and got our confidence up. Then we started moving to more populated servers and getting into firefights. My friend got the brilliant idea that instead of just shooting people, lets capture them and do the most messed up shit we can. You can't just suicide your character or anything like that if you are captured, unless you switch servers you're stuck with your captors. I have 5 pairs of handcuffs on my current character for this reason now.

I used to be nice to people, but they'll kill you the first chance they get.
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