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The two states with the highest gun onwership also have very low gun murder rates..hmm

Here's a good example of why gun laws really don't work..
Cuidad Juarez, Mexico- Pretty much only Armed forces, police, body guards, private security etc..are allowed to carry concealed or otherwise. Result? Murder capital of the world.

El Paso, Texas- just a short drive from Juarez, but with Texas gun laws. (includes concealed carry with permit, carry in your personal vehicle without permit) Result? One of the safest cities in the U.S.

So Mexicans still own guns even though they aren't allowed to? Well, wouldn't that make them safer? Yet the murder rates are high. So what gives

Could it be that Mexico has a crime problem that goes beyond gun control? Having laws that aren't enforced is the same as not having laws.

Statistically one of the lowest crime rates of all cities in the US is San Clemente, here in Orange County, CA. MUST BE BECAUSE OF AWB Never mind that it's a low population, high income, low minority area.
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