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Glock people tend to be like SIG, HK and 1911 people. "THIS THING I HAVE IS THE BESTEST THING EVER! YOU SHOULD LIKE THIS THING THAT I BOUGHT! WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT ONE YET?" There is a certain amount of ribbing each other with mild fanboyism that's all in good fun but some people, especially on the interwebs, suck down the brand cool-aid like Sasha Grey sucked down dicks.

Glock mags are great. They're simple, they're universal as long as you stay away from the asian contract mags and they're generally pretty robust. If I were to choose between thin walled pistol mags (thin because they have to fit into a grip and still have human finger kinda fit around it) and thick walled sub machine gun mags, I'm going with the thicker, more robust mags.

That comes with the understanding that either way you need to inspect the mag body for dings, the follower for cracks/bends, the floor plate for fit and especially the spring for life left. A shitty STEN mag is obviously not going to work as well as a new glock mag. If you pick up a dozen older sub gun mags pickup an equal number of replacement springs and be prepared to pull them apart and clean/lube them. If you're going to a show to pickup some long stick mags like for a sten, suomi, tommy gun or uzi, take a 12" - 18" long screwdriver with tape folded over the end. You can use it to work the mag and check for weak springs, shitty followers or bend/kinks/dents in the body that will bind the follower.

Since we're talking about sten mags anyway, I've always liked them since they're double, thick walled near the lips. They're generally some of the most robust mags you can get along with UZI, Mac (metal not plastic) and suomi mags.

Good info. I'm not a "fanboy" at all, but we all have some biases. I actually suspected that some of the stuff I'd read about glock mags being inherently more reliable than sten or uzi may have been less than accurate.
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