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that means she would do it if not for the bf my friend.

you know what you have to do.

I think I'm gettin to her mang

[23:31] Ethan: my friend says u would do it if u didnt have a bf
[23:32] camilk: your friend's RETARDED
[23:32] Ethan: *retarted
[23:32] camilk: I luv tarts
[23:32] Ethan: mmmm
[23:33] Ethan: like sweet tarts?
[23:33] camilk: no
[23:33] camilk: like
[23:33] camilk: butter tarts
[23:33] camilk: lemon tarts
[23:34] Ethan: they dont make bras out of those
[23:34] camilk: who cares
[23:34] camilk: I'm not doing you
[23:35] Ethan: love youu <3
[23:35] camilk: ya ok I bet you do
[23:35] Ethan: yaa babbyyy
[23:36] camilk: die
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