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Moar new cabinets

Had a shitty linen closet between my kids' rooms, built out of 1/4" fiberboard, spit, and latex paint. It looked like this:

I had a couple of problems: my house is quite small, so I don't want to sacrifice floor space for AV equipment, and my children are quite hard on anything that's within reach.

After I got my big flat TV last year to replace the 27" CRT we had before that, this was the setup:

Not ideal, and I replaced a couple bluray players on account of "accidental" water damage from the kids.

So, I swapped that shitty linen closet for this:

It's hickory faced with melamine carcass, and adjustable shelves. The drawers, as is my habit, are plywood carcasses, with melamine bottoms, and ball bearing sliders. The doors for the cabinet part aren't finished yet, but should be this weekend. They're 2-pane hickory with some arty-looking sticks in the middle.

Now the living room looks like this:
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