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Dude, that doesn't make any sense. If I add insulation to a house, it will insulate heat, but if it's -40 degrees outside and I turn the heater down, my house will get colder. That doesn't mean the insulation isn't doing it's job. I havn't seen a single heat transfer scientist argue that C02 cannot lead to an increase in planet temperature. Anyone who understands radiation can't deny that. You can't isolate certain factors and make conclusions about their performance without looking at the whole picture. You want to talk about bad science, that's exactly what that is.



Global warming junk science CLAIMS (as my new bitch has pointed out) that ONLY co2 can be to blame.(look at his posts)

Since co2 Lags increase in temp by 800 years and continues to increase for 400 years AFTER the temp starts dropping

It Can Not Fucking Be What Is Driving The Temp Increase. And has dick all to do with any significant moderation of temps. No Matter What some Dickhead Says.

Apply the same reasoning skills you used to spank Postal Goatchode.

The morons are claiming R42 for co2 when it is R point 005

They have been claiming this for thirty fucking years but cant plug numbers into their models from 1960 and get within hand grenade range of the Actual results for 1970 or 70 to 80 or 80 to 90
even while using fudge factors that they REFUSE to document.
There is nothing to worry about. Legions of wise people with nothing but all of best interests at heart are ensuring our future of love and infinite bliss. Go watch TV :Bflaps

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