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i have 3 girlfriends but they dont know it yet
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I suppose I've milked this forum for all it's worth, and I should go somewhere with a higher collective level of reading comprehension.

It's not that I am narcissistic, it is that I am literally smarter than all of you, and every back and forth interaction proves my brain can process more information and grapple larger more complex ideas.

I thank you all for repeatedly giving me an on-demand test case of the average american idiot to run my ideas across to get knee-jerk mindless responses.

gibonius, pyramid, vendetta, you guys were at times pretty good

ah. the i'm smarter than you, you just don't understand it defense again.
“My sorrow: to dream of simple times and wake in mine . . . .”
—Ola DaRiol, “Regrets”
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