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Originally Posted by Vagina
So why stop at circumcision?

Give the kid a sex change. He can't decide for himself, and a doctor told you it was a good idea. Besides, you think he'd look good with a pussy.

If he can't say no then you're good to go!

You're really grasping at straws. But interestingly, if a child is born with both organs, the parent does have the right to choose which sex they want the child to be.

But let me say this in no uncertain terms:

I do not care one bit what you do with your children. What I do with my children ( as long as it isnt abusive, or neglectful, circumcision is neither ) is my own business. GET OVER IT.
Im not elitist, Ive simply been marginalized by the preponderance of idiots in the world.
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