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WTS/WTT 70 Human Warrior w/lock


Selling my Warrior, hes on Moonguard RP server right now, transfer is available.

Account comes with approx. 3000 gold, portals deck, tons of mats, gems, potions, etc etc.

375 engineering, 375 mining, 375 cooking, 375 first aid, 375 fishing.


-epic helms - Crafted T5 lvl engineering helms, tankatronic and furious gizmatic helm (tank and dps), epic leather helm (that cool looking black cowl hood looking one)
-epic necklaces - various epic necklaces, Tank, dps, pvp
-epic chest - chest, chestguard of the stoic guardian, gladiators chestpeice
-epic belts - crimson girdle of the indomitable, red belt of battle
-epic plate legs - wrynn dynasty greaves, gladiators legs
-epic boots - jungle stompers, boots of elusion
-epic trinkets - moroes lucky pocket watch, autoblocker 600, various dps and pvp ones.
-epic gun - gyro balanced khorium destroyer,
-epic shields - gladiators shield wall, shatar rep shield
-epic weapons - kings defender, sun eater (mongoose), felsteel longblade, pvp 1h axes (both mongoose, one slow one fast), gorehowl 2h axe
-epic bracers - vambraces of courage, vindicators bracers
-epic back - slikk's cloak of placation, dps cloak (epic forget which it is)
-epic shoulders - mantle of abrahmis, badge dps plate shoulders (the ones with skulls)
-epic rings - various epic tank and dps rings

95% of the gear has the good gems and quality enchants, tons of extra blues and other epics.

Tank specced right now 3/10/48
14684 hp
16928 armor
21.68% dodge
14.14% parry
24.55% block
11 expertise
54 hit rating

hes a heavy threat generator, great for raiding and pushing hard, never looses agro on bosses.

I think the dps set has 190 resilience, needs some more resilience gear but has more than enough for starting out in arena.

Epic flying skill paid for,
mounts: turbocharged flying machine, green netherdrake, rare turtle mount, epic/non-epic gryphons, skygard rep so you can buy netherray, epic land mounts etc.

Has all heroic keys, and most reps exalted.

Account also has a 63 warlock, most of the heavy grinding already done, ready to start up and go whatever path you choose. I think it also has a 40ish hunter on some other server.

Not sure how much to ask, I guess I could take offers, I woudl like to get 300, I am also open to trading for various computer equipment, or electronics.

send me a PM, I also have MSN available.
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