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Shut up, the men are talking.

Feminism has become nothing more but a system of excuses young/naive women subscribe to in order to justify their existing or perceived future lack of success. In reality the same things that are stopping them from going to Harvard, or Yale, are the same things that are stopping me. The same things stoppnig them from becoming Hillary Clinton or Meg Whitman are the same things stopping me from becoming Steve Jobs or Barry O'Bummer

Their answer to misogyny is misandry, they hardly agree on anything, and what they do agree on is not institutionalized but rather very abstract and conceptual. In the meantime I know a chick who got off a DUI after wrecking a car because she was a single mother. Meanwhile another friend of mine got slammed with $4k in fines and lost his license for several months. Men are expected to protect women, fight for them and all that.
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i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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