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One day people will understand that the saying " you are what you eat" is maybe the most prophetic statement ever.

I am a firm doctor said that it was very possible that changing my diet when I did most likely allowed my body to concentrate on healing its self instead of having to expend so much energy digesting my food. After I went totally blind I started a strict macrobiotic diet. I regained my vision. Since then I have gone completely blind twice more and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but have always recovered and now I have only a 47%field of vision in one eye, the other is totally blind. I still have MS but I can see. My neuro Opthamologist is and has always been amazed that I can see at all...I will most likely be blind for good one day but I believe diet has allowed me to keep what vision I have. This has been going on for 9 years and he says people with my rare form of steriod dependent chronic optic neuritis usually are blind within a year...never to see again.

Nothing wrong with eating healthy my friend.
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